Sunset at Gardens by the Bay [Singapore]

As the name indicates, Gardens by the Bay is located by Marina Bay, Singapore. It opened quite recently in 2012, as Singapore’s another major sightseeing spot. As you can see in the panorama, it’s right beside Marina Bay Sands (Singapore’s iconic tall building hotel). So if you visit MBS, you definitely should walk until Gardens by the Bay as well. There are many path signs in MBS, so you shouldn’t miss it.


<Behind the Sphere>
Honestly I’d found a place to shoot a spherical panorama the other day, which is closer to the center of the Gardens by the Bay, and I thought that would be the one of the best spots there. Walking on the way to the spot from Marina Bay Sands, I unintentionally looked back on a small bridge over a stream to the gardens. It was at that moment that I noticed this beautiful sunset light, peeping out through trees.

And I looked around there. Not only can you see tall Marina Bay Sands, tall funny Supertrees, but also an tiny island, consisting of tropical plants, floating on the pond (on the left hand of the sunlight). There is also a stream on the right hand of the sunset, and over ahead is Singapore Flyer, a Ferris wheel. A perfect place for a 360-degree panorama, isn’t it? This is one of my favorite shots.